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Figaro Style Gold Chain - 2.25 mm

$635.00 CAD

Our 2.25 mm 14K gold Figaro chain is the perfect add-on to our medium size pendants. It also makes for an elegant stand-alone necklace. This timeless style originated in Italy and though it goes back centuries, it still remains one of the most loved chain designs the world over. It is particularly favored in combination with religious pendants such as crosses and medallions. Choose from 14K yellow or white gold. 

Most popular lengths for men are 20 inch and 22 inch. Most popular lengths for women are 18 inch and 20 inch.

These chains are solid throughout and made in Italy to the highest quality standards both in terms of manufacturing and gold alloy used. Please note that less expensive versions of this chain found elsewhere may appear similar but are often hollow inside and/or may be manufactured to considerably lower quality standards. Hollow chains are still labeled as solid gold because as long as the metal content is actual gold, it is technically "solid gold". So though it may be real gold, hollow ware only has a thin wall of actual material with only air inside. This makes them more prone to irreversible dents and damage and, especially in the case of pieces worn on a daily basis, they wear out much quicker.  

Shown here with our Serbian Orthodox Cross  ZD-C5 

MATERIAL: 14K gold 

18", 20", 22", 24"  Metric: 46 cm, 51 cm, 56 cm, 61 cm
WIDTH:  2.25 mm
WEIGHT: 22" = approx. 6 g

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