Traditional Orthodox Cross St.Olga Style

This is the standard sized version of our St.Olga Orthodox cross. This cross is one of our best sellers for Orthodox baptisms. It is a highly suitable baptismal cross for boys or girls and is a very popular choice among Orthodox Christians. If gifting this cross to an adult note that the proportions make this pendant appropriate for women as well as men who prefer a more discreet cross size. The back of the cross is inscribed with the phrase "Save and Protect" in Slavonic Cyrillic lettering. 

These pendants are cast and hand finished; Made in small batches (not mass produced). Available in solid gold or sterling silver, this traditional Orthodox cross is finely hand finished and made much thicker than other, similar crosses. We believe that such a meaningful gift as this should be worthy of the occasion and appreciated for a lifetime. Compare specifications and you're sure to note that this cross is of exceptional quality. Superior in gauge, weight, detail and overall appearance our cast St.Olga Orthodox crosses offer a superior quality. The recipient of this cross is sure to notice the fine quality and excellence in craftsmanship.

The St.Olga cross is a traditional Orthodox design that includes several symbols meaningful to the Orthodox Christian faith. At the top is a sun-like symbol representing the light of Christ. The letters IC XC engraved on the arms stand for "Jesus Christ" and the three armed St.Andrew cross embossed in the center is noted for the bottom slanted bar symbolizing the balance beam of righteousness. 

This is a Byzantine style Orthodox cross and is most frequently chosen by Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, and Serbian Orthodox people.

(including bail) Inches: 1 9/16", Metric: 4 cm
(not including bail or ring) Inches: 1 1/4", Metric: 3.2 cm

ARM SPAN: Inches: 13/16", Metric: 2 cm
WEIGHT (in 14K gold): approx 5 g

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